The Three Types of Naked in the Bible

That word 'Naked' sure conjures up some strange thoughts and feelings. It's almost a gooey sound, like in 'ooooooh, he's nekked'. And then you shiver at the thought.

Does God shiver at the thought? Or is He cool with it?


The following numbers with the words Arom, Eyrom and Ervah

are from the Blue Letter Bible website using Strongs Lexicon.


  One of the first things you find out about man in the book of Genesis is that he is naked. Gen. 2:25. That's right, he and his wife, Eve, were naked as newborn babes. And what is really
cool about this is that they were not ashamed! Why? God created them that way, that's why! There is no other reason. Why should they be? And God said "It is very good".

For a while, Adam was alone, and naked. He was given a job to do by God. That was to keep the Garden of Eden. He was a gardener by trade. He was also told to name all of the animals. So it could have taken Adam several days if not weeks or even months to do all of this. The whole time naked. Eventually, he found himself lonely. Needing what he saw what other animals had...a Mate. So God created Eve. Eve was naked too. The first nude wedding took place.

Now God taught both Adam and Eve, but He also gave Adam the responsibility to teach Eve as well. That may have taken a while too. Adam had a new friend and wanted to show off Gods wonderful creation. Wow! What a honeymoon! That too may have taken a long time. The people of those times usually took a very long honeymoon, sometimes up to a year. They were naked and were not ashamed. If you would read carefully, you would note that the time from Eve's creation to Satan's deception, there was no time frame mentioned. They could have been in the Garden anywhere from a day to months for all we know. They were happily living out their lives nude until sin. That is when they became  fearful of what God created (common misconception is "shame" but that was not mentioned here). Fear was not part of their original life while they were walking and talking with God.  Something changed.  They are now afraid.  But why?

Arom #6174

The word 'naked' in Blue Letter Bible reference #6174 came from the Hebrew word 'Arom'. I have no idea how to pronounce it, but it does mean naked, nude. Nothing more or less is implied. That very same word appears when King Saul prophesied in the nude as well. In fact, that behavior provoked the people to believe he was one of the prophets too!

Speaking of which, another prophet also prophesied in the nude. Isaiah prophesied for three years naked (Arom). Nowhere does it say that the people were shocked by it or disapproved it. (They may not have liked his message but that's another story.) This word naked (arom) was never pronounced wrong or evil. What we do with it is something else entirely. It is simply how God created us. Rejoice in God's creation.


Eyrom #5903

Later however, Adam and Eve did find themselves naked. No, not just nude, but naked. You know like "ooooh they're nekked" type of naked. Now what happened here? Why did they all of a sudden got all upset by their bodies? Are we talking about the same word here? Did we lose something in the translation?

First, what happened? As you read the story, now in Genesis chapter 3, we find that Eve was off by herself (honeymoon's over?) and she found another species of animal that Adam didn't tell her about. A talking snake. (Hey! I'm getting this out of the bible!) And he told her a few "facts" that she needed to be filled in on. Apparently the snake doesn't think that Adam was that great of a teacher, or she was ready for more education. Whatever, she listened. The snake, a.k.a. Satan the devil, got her interest on her education. And she found that not only was Adam not finishing her education, but God was holding out on her as well! Wow! A shortcut to education! Smart pills that grow on trees! She bit.

But notice that all it said was that the fruit tasted good. And she didn't drop dead and did not notice her nudity. So she decided that maybe Adam should know about this! Ol' br'er snake, he lay low. And ol' br'er Adam bit.

Suddenly, both of their eyes were opened and what an education! They found that they were naked. Blue Letter/ Strong's Concordance (reference #5903) 'Eyrom'. This means nude and naked as well, but taken from another word (#6191) 'Aram' meaning cunning, in a bad sense, to make bare, beware, take crafty, that is: not good.  This where we find our modern word "nekkid", that is, "naked and up to no good".

When God showed up, He was very displeased and said "Who told you that you were naked (Eyrom)?"  Or "who told you that being naked is bad?"

If we get the idea that nudity is wrong from Satan, then we would be getting our education from Satan instead of God! God, at the time did not seem to worry about our physical nudity. Is listening to Satan like getting our education from the streets?  Would you want your children getting their education of what is right and wrong from the streets of your city?  I didn't think so.

Then what was the real problem?

They became spiritually naked. With their new-found "knowledge" which was in itself naked, they decided that their bodies too were naked and shameful. That is not the education God wanted them to have any more than you want your children to have.


Ervah (6172)

Now you might say "Yeah but, what about where it says in the bible to not uncover your [neighbors] nakedness? And also about the priests rear end showing during worship services? And what about Noah and his son's?

We would be referring to Leviticus 18:6-24, Exodus 20:26 and also Genesis 9:20-24.

You are correct. And we don't. First, we don't normally build steps up to alters, not that we build alters much. The purpose behind that was to keep the people who would be looking up, from confusing this worship service with the ones in Egypt (where they recently left) where sexual worship was going on. If you would notice, they were not commanded to cover themselves when on a ladder, or other high places while working or at any another time. And it was a command to the priests, not the people! At that time, even the priests needed to be reminded that they were still in their sins and are still separated from God. They were still spiritually naked, thus the word "nakedness".

Next is the uncovering part. Don't. Do not uncover (#1540) (expose, reveal, make known) your neighbors' nakedness (Ervah #6172) especially if they are in a vulnerable condition. This can be true about a private embarrassing situation or a problem they don't want made public. If they don't want to be physically nude, then leave them alone. Even we don't force nudity on others. It does not say that physical nudity is wrong, just don't have sexual relationships outside of your marriage relationship. Incest is the main focus here. Most other translations usually say "do not have sexual relations with...". The King James translators were very careful at the time of original translation to say "uncover" or use the word "knew" as in "Abraham knew Sarah and had a son". Instead, they shied away from the word "sex" just to keep it out of the bible. They were very prudish. Sex is all that it means. Nothing more.

And then we come to Noah. He was drunk. Apparently, Ham, one of his sons, had taken advantage of his fathers drunken and nude state and had done something. It does not say specifically. The word 'saw' in this case is a difficult word because it is more than just casual notice. See #7200. He did more than just 'see' him naked. He saw (or "looked upon") his nakedness as in "looky here brothers, ol' man Noah is nekked and drunk and we could do what we want!" Well, fortunately, his brothers had more sense than that and respectfully covered their father's nakedness. Not that his physical nude state was shamefulSome have implied, based on the uncovering nakedness of family members, that his son may have had sexual relations with Noah's wife thus "uncovering Noah's nakedness" and got her pregnant.  Which is why Noah cursed the grandson.  This is confusing as to why Noah would curse a grandson when the son was the one who committed the sexual act.  This makes more sense.   But this is not proven and only a speculation.  Notice that Noah was both naked and drunk, yet he was not the one cursed.  It was the grandson, who did nothing, who was the one cursed (which implies the curse to Ham as well). So Noah was NOT in the wrong here.  This does not imply it's OK to be drunk. There ARE commands about being drunk, though none specifically about being generally naked.

Other places in the bible where nakedness is presented, it is not borne out of physical nudity per se, but of spiritual shame from the result of sin (whether nudity was involved or not). Many times God have said, "I see their nakedness" as if He continues to remind us (taunting us?) of our spiritual condition despite the fact that we are physically clothed and are trying to hide from Him. Covering our bodies physically did nothing for us spiritually. Do you still do that?

God sees our nakedness now, even though we are clothed. Please come before Him exposed, so He can clean you and put on you robes of righteousness. Don't be like Adam and Eve. Repent (change the way you think) and be baptized and be filled with the Holy Spirit and you will no longer have anything come between you and God the Father. To borrow a line from the Wizard of Oz, "Come out, come out wherever you are!" (Glinda, the good witch).

I asked at first why they were afraid. Was it because they were naked?  That was their excuse, but in reality, they were afraid because they lost their reality of who and what they are and saw God differently.   It really had nothing to do with being naked. It had everything to do with their broken and sinful relationship they now had with God and with one another. If you changed the way you think and stopped thinking like the world and start thinking like Christ, will you continue to hide in fear?